Veenai Kolam | Lotus Kolam With Dots

Ner pulli kolam of 13 to 6 dots pattern have an authoritative musical instrument named venna, producing sounds with an fragrant flowers of lotus. This veenai kolangal are the designs slowly diminished in the technological development of generations. Garnish your Doorstep with Pretty Lotus Kolam and Veenai Kolam,You can also draw this on your Pooja room and get the bestowed blessing of Goddess Saraswathi.

Kolam Format : 13 dots – 6 rows,Stop at 13 ,Straight Dots.

Veena and Lotus Kolam



New Cute Lotus Kolam Design for you.

Kolam Format : 17 dots – 7 rows,Stop at 7 ,Straight Dots.

Lotus Kolam With Dots