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Beautiful Rangoli Designs

Simple Beautiful Rangoli Kolam Designs – Gallery

Simple Beautiful Rangoli kolam designs is done by crossed dots. This colourful rangoli design was specially drawn with the creative art decorated with jammikis at the entrance to welcome your guests peaceful mind. And colouring with the vibrant colours gives more attraction. Draw Simple Beautiful Rangoli Patterns …

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Rangoli For Kids

Simple Rangoli Kolam Designs

Look at this one, Rangoli Designs without Dots is an adornment or decoration filled in the courtyards to bring the auspicious day. This floral shaped design of rangoli have used the vibrant colours, which is combo mixture of bright with dark colours. Adding Diya to …

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Flower Rangoli Kolam

Simple Flower Rangoli Designs – Gallery

An Simple Rangoli Designs Patterns can be done in the wooden circular plate. Here an basic methods of rangoli have been drawn in the plate using pencil sketch and simple design like having an small floral shaped design at the centre and then second stage …

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Simple Rangoli Designs

An Simple Rangoli Kolam of white rice powder mixture made the entrance delightful. As the centre portion filled with simple tiny star shaped design around the flower patterns and embellish with the diya brings fulfil towards the diwali festival. Small and Simple  Rangoli Designs of flowers …

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