Simple Kolam For Beginners

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Here the List of Beginner Kolam consists of 7-4 Interlaced Dots and 9-9 Straight Dots grid patterns. It is simply practised by kids with the chalks to draw an simple Star shaped kolam and sweets plate with chikku kolam. The Method is only by drawing the cross lines and some curvy lines to be joined. Small and Simple Kolam For Beginners.Friends,you can also share this on your facebook.

Kolam Format : 7 dots – 1 rows,Stop at 4 ,Interlaced Dots

Simple Kolam For Beginners


A new Simple Kolam Design For Beginners.

Kolam Format : 9 dots – 9 rows,Stop at 9 ,Straight Dots

Kolam For Beginners

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