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The Parrot Designs Patterns in this form are comes from the free hand design type of Rangoli Designs with birds. So people for who are less known about rangoli patterns was the tough job to handle this type of patterns. And it is easily drawn by the artistic who are being passion of drawing can do this very elegantly. Chirping Green Parrots add music to your day ,Decorative Hand made Parrot Rangoli to enlighten your doorstep on the auspicious day :) ;)

Parrot Rangoli Designs

Give dual layer in order to add brightness to kolam and Remove out the remaining dots. Load it with your desirous lovely shade powders. Observe the above actions that’s all your lovely  Rangoli Designs is ready now, and you will certainly be surrounded with lot of applause for your kolam.:) ;)


A software engineer by profession,I Love Drawing kolam from my Younger age.My site is dedicated to all people of Kolam Lovers

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