Pulli Kolangal Designs

When you enters the Indian home, the first thing can be noted by an eye is the Kolam that exists in the variety of Flower Pulli Kolam With Dots. The variation  arise in the format of 14-7 Interlaced Dots, count to five flower in the shape of Hexagonal. Second Design of kolam is of 13-1 Neer Pulli Kolam in the form of flooded field. Pretty Flower Kolam Designs are neatly arranged with leaves around it .Simple and easy Pulli Kolam Designs for your threshold.

Kolam Format : 14 dots – 2 rows,Stop at 7, Interlaced Dots.

Kolam Designs With Pulli
Simple Paddy leaves Pulli Kolam Designs for your threshold.

Kolam Format : 13 dots – 1 row,Stop at 1, Straight Dots.

Pulli Kolam