Pongal Kolam Patterns

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Brighten your doorstep by drawing a beautiful Pongal pots in the middle covered by tasty Sugarcanes and surrounded by Sikku Kolam as a border around it to add beauty to your Patterns :) ;)

18 – 18 parallel dots (Neer Pulli) Kolam.

pongal kolam patterns

pongal kolam patterns

Put 18 dots – 18 lines. Then leave six dots at both ends and put six dots, then four dots and then stop at 2. Put these extended dots on all sides as shown above.

pongal kolam patterns

First put the Sikku kolam as shown above.

pongal kolam patterns

Then join dots in the middle as shown above. Fill  it with your desirous pretty color powders. You can leave the design as it is OR put extra 6, 4 and 2 dots at all the sides and join the dots as shown in the first picture.Follow the above steps  and thats all, your pretty Pongal Pot Kolam Designs is ready now,and you will be surrounded with lot of applause for your Beautiful designs. :) ;)

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