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Square Kolam

Muggulu Kolam Designs With Dots

Square Kolam Format: 13 dots – 13 rows Muggulu Kolam Designs With Dots has Lotus Kolam, in the middle a simple flower is drawn then it is covered by Lotus Flower at the four sides. Butterfly Design Kolams is a Floral Type Design elaborated with …

Vilakku Kolam

Beautiful Design Dot Kolams

Lily Kolam Format : 15 dots ends at 1 – direct dots. Lily Kolam using floral designs of  Beautiful Lily Flower Design with dots. You can also add different border designs here. Vilakku Kolam has Vilakku at the four sides and is is fully decorated …

Birds Kolam

Beautiful Kolam Designs Using Dots

Birds Kolam Format : 7 dots – 7 rows. Birds Kolam Design picked up with small cute Flower Design With Dots. First use pencil to draw to get the good shape of the birds over that you can use rice flour and add colours of …

Flower Kolam

Floral Design Kolams With Dots

Flower Kolam Format: 19 dots – 7 rows,end at 7 – direct dots. Flower Kolam is a Floral Type Design mostly enhanced with flowers. Star Kolam which is very easy to implement in your threshold. Leaf Kolam is fully elaborated with the leafs and it …

Lily Kolam

Flower Kolam Designs For Kids

Lily Flower Kolam Format: 4 dots – 4 rows. It is a Lily Type Flower Kolams drawn using very less dots so it will be helpful to the kids to learn Kolams too quickly. Fish Kolam Format: 13 dots ends at 1 – direct dots. …

Dotted Kolam Designs

Here Kolams are drawn using dots and it is decorated by vegetables,nuts and fruits. Use appropriate colours with salt is advisable to make these kolams more attractive. This type of kolams is mostly drawn in the competition. Cashenut Kolam Format: 15 dots ends with 1 …

Grid Kolam

Beautiful Dotted Kolam Designs

Kolam is the kind of art creating designs which is implemented in our residence using rice flour. Kolams are usually drawn using dots,geometric designs,floral designs and some kolams are drawn without dots which is called Rangoli. Grid Kolam Format : 8 dots ends at 1- …


Simple Kolam Designs With Dots

These Kolams are drawn with dots so it is very easy to learn. These kolams makes your residence simple and it gives more beauty.

Flower18X 2X2

Flowers Kolam With Dots

Flower Kolams are drawn using dots will be implement in your threshold easily. Since it is drawn using dots it will be helpful to the beginners to practice kolams.

Eye-Catching Margazhi Month Rangolis

Eye-Catching Margazhi Month Rangolis

Eye-Catching Margazhi Month Rangolis are easy to draw in your residence and you can also add colours of your choice. This makes your threshold simple and beauty. Rangoli 1: Rangoli 2: Rangoli 3: