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Agal vilakku kolam

Simple deepam kolam with vinayagar | Agal vilakku kolam

The first image is the simple deepam kolam by which you can decorate your pooja hall. This kolam can be drawn on some special days to make your day pleasant. format : straight dots: 9-9 The second kolam is rangoli with the ganesha and deepam. …

Siva lingam kolam

Siva lingam kolam | Pooja kolam with dots

The first image is siva lingam kolam in rangoli pattern which is surrounded by the birds and deepam. It can be drawn on pradosham days to get blessings form lord sivan. format : straight dots 23-15 The second one is the beautiful bow and arrow …

Dotted peacock kolam

Peacock kolm with lotus | Dotted peacock kolam

This post contains a beautiful peacock kolam with louts flower and deepam. You can draw this kolam in front of your home on some special events. Format:Straight dots: 10-16

Sri krishna jayanthi kolam

Special occasion kolam | Lakshmi ganapathi pooja kolam

In this post we have shared few Special occasion kolam, which are useful for you to decorate your pooja room. You can draw this kolam on the gokulashtami, which is an auspicious day for lord Krishna. Format : straight dots 20-32 The second kolam is …

Rangoli peacock kolam design

Peacock kolam collection | Mayil kolam with dots

This article consist of couple of peacock kolam which are very easy to draw and colour to make your doorsteps pleasant.The first kolam is an attractive peacock kolam with pair of peacock surrounds the flower. Format:straight dots: 21-7,11-6,7-4 The second kolam is a beautiful peacock …

Peacock kolam with dots

Attractive Peacock kolam with dots |Peacock rangoli with dots

This article contains few number of peacock kolam, which can be made use to decorate the entrance of your home. An attractive peacock design that can be drawn in front of your home on some special occasions. Format: Straight dots:8-14 A lovely peacock and beautiful ladies …

Traditional peacock kolam with dots

Peacock rangoli kolam | Traditional peacock kolam with dots

This article have few variety of  Peacock kolam, that could decorate your home. The first one is a traditional peacock kolam consist of group peacock in rangoli pattern with flower at center. Format:Cross dots:21-11 The second kolam is a elegant peacock kolam with birds and …

Beautiful peacock kolam with Flower pot

Mayil Pulli Kolam | Beautiful Peacock Kolam with Flower pot

This article consist of a couple of peacock kolam, that can be make use to decorate your residence. Format:cross dots:15-8 The first image is an attractive rangoli type peacock kolam with flower at center surrounded by peacock and flower pot. The second one is a …

Peacock kolam designs

Classic peacock kolam | Peacock kolam designs

This post contains few number of peacock kolam,which can be drawn in front of your home on some special events. The first kolam is a classic peacock kolam consist of peacock and flowers.You can add more colours to make it attractive at your doorsteps. Format:Straight …

Peacock kolam designs

Peacock Kolam Collection | Peacock kolam designs for special occasion

This article contains few number of peacock kolam. You can use these to make your doorway pleasant. The one is an attractive kolam with star at center bordered by beautiful peacock.You can include your favorite colors to make it pleasant. Format:cross dots:15-8 This one is …