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Karthigai vilakku kolam with dots

Karthigai vilakku kolam with dots | Simple vilakku kolam

In this article we have posted stunning collection of  Deepam kolam to decorate your house. Karthigai vilakku kolam with birds , you can draw this kolam at your doorstep to get wealth and health. Format:Straight dots:17-1 Simple vilakku kolam for kids and beginners to practice at …

Karthigai Agal vilakku kolam

Karthigai Agal vilakku kolam | Diya kolam for Pooja room

This post has couple of diya kolam for karthigai thirunaal celebration .We hope you would certainly like these diya kolam. The first image is a easy deepam kolam to decorate your pooja room on beneficial days. Format:Straight dots:15-1 The second one is pretty deepam kolam …

Deepam on flower kolam

Deepam on flower kolam | Kuthu vilakku kolam with dots

This post contains lovely deepam kolam collection to enhance your residence.The first image is Deepam with flower kolam that has flower at center covered deepam on flowers in rangoli pattern. Format:Cross dots:11-6 Beautiful kuthu vilakku kolam for your home that contains pair of kuthu vilakku …

Vilakku rangoli with dots

Vilakku rangoli with dots | Welcome kolam with dots

The first kolam is an attractive rangoli pattern of agal vilakku, to enhance your deepam celebration. Format: Straight dots:22-4 The second kolam is a welcome kolam, that can be drawn on special events to welcome the guest. Format:Straight dots:13-13

Agal vilakku kolam with dots

Agal vilakku kolam with dots | Deepam with flowers kolam

This article contains couple of deepam kolam to decorate your pooja hall on special occasions.The initial kolam is pretty one where deepam and flowers are arranged in ratham pattern, that looks traditional and suitable to draw on auspicious days. Format: Dots as per kolam The …

Deepam sikku kolam

Deepam sikku kolam | Deepam special kolam with dots

In this post we have provided rare collection of deepam kolam for you to decorate your doorstep with stunning deepam kolam on auspicious days. The initial kolam is a simple deepam kolam with flowers which is suitable for beginners to practice with rice powder. Format: …

Vilakku kolam for kids

Agal vilaku pattern | Vilakku kolam for kids

In this post we have provided Easy deepam kolam for beginners and kids to practice at doorstep with rice powder. The first image is cute deepam kolam where deepams are arranged in a star pattern. Format: Cross dots: 15-8 The second image is simple deepam …

Deepam with flower kolam

Deepam with flower kolam | Sikku kolam with agal vilakku

This post contains collection of karthigai deepam special kolam to decorate your home . The initial kolam is pretty on that has deepam in floral layout. Format: Straight dots:17-17 The second image is a elegant sikku kolam of flowers with agal vilakku. Format: Straight dots:15-3

Agal vilakku with lotus flower

Agal vilakku with lotus flower | Vilakku kolam with dots

In this post we have shared amazing collections of deepam kolam for deepavali and karthigai deepam thirunaal. The first one is beautiful deepam kolam with lotus, that are arranged in rangoli pattern. Format: Straight dots: 23-3 The second kolam is attractive deepam kolam, that contains big …

Vilakku kolam with dots

Vilakku kolam with dots | Attractive diya kolam

The same pattern of lamp kolam drawn with different types of straight dots.If you look at this, the Diya design was the main attraction and the remaining dots filled according to your imagination ,even that poo kolam looks complete dotted karthigai deepam. In this post …