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Zardosi Rangoli

Zardosi Rangoli Designs

Zardozi is usually compared with Kamdani, an additional type of steel needlework .Zardozi consists of an elaborately & greatly embroidered design, whereas Kamdani is acknowledged by the light, scattered embroidery. There are various sorts of Zardozi Designs threads that aid to create elaborate styles: thicker …

Kundan Rangoli

Kundan Rangoli Images

  Decorative and colorful Kundan Rangoli Images with pretty flower designs .

Competition Kolam

Competition Kolam Designs

  Creative Competiton Kolam about the concept of child abortion.

Kundan Rangoli

Kundan Rangoli

  Beautiful and creative Kundan Rangoli Designs,share this with your friends on facebook.

Big Traditional Square Sikku Kolam

Big Square Sikku Kolam

  Sikku Kolams are nothing but Symmetrical lines drawn with a curved loops, Which forms a stunning Kolam The speciality of the Sikku Kolam is the person viewing it cant find its Intial and last placement. Kolam Format : 13 dots – 13 rows,Stop at 13, …

Sikku Kolam Borders

Sikku Pulli Kolam Designs

An Interesting Art of Small Sikku Kolam forms in the format of straight dots. And this design made by number of lines equals to the dots grid. It has been finished with fine flimsy structure over the Sikku Kolam Borders and the dot pattern are …

Sikku Square Kolam

Sikku Square Kolam Designs

  Pretty Curved loops drawn to develop a decorative Sikku Kolam, You can easily enhance your courtyard by drawing this beautiful Kolams infront of your residence. Kolam Format : 4 dots – 4 rows,Stop at 4, Straight Dots. Sikku Square Kolam Designs with same dot format. Kolam …

Chikku Kolam

Chikku Pulli Kolam

  Sikku Kolams are innovative Kolams drawn with rather bent and Straight lines and that makes an artistic Kolams just like this.

Chikku Kolam

Simple Kolam For Beginners

Chikku Kolam Design based on the 19-1 Neer pulli and Idukku Pulli kolam formats forms the Dots with the strokes one by one. Some follows the design of square over the design and other forms sharp cuvy lines at the end and another one forms …

Sikku Kolam

Square Kolam

This Square sikku kolam can vary from people to people, where each one of them have an unique style over that. And if one can finish this from where it starts, then the kolam was completed.They were called masters of sikku kolam. The Kolam with …