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New year kolam designs

New year kolam designs | Tamil puthandu kolam

These are few New Year kolam designs by which you can decorate your doorsteps, and make your new year delightful. The first kolam is the New Year kolam with beautiful butterflies, flowers and a pair of ducks. format :straight dots 22-22 The second one is …

Pillayar Kolam designs

Pillayar Kolam designs |Special vinayagar kolam collections

These are some of simple vinayakar kolam with dots.You can draw these in your pooja room to get wealth and prosperity. The first image is the beautiful vinayagar kolam with dots, which is easy to draw. Format :straight dots 15-11 The second image is vinayagar kolam, …

Vinayagar Chaturti special kolam

Vinayagar Chaturthi special kolam | Ganesha with elephant kolam

The first image is vinayagar kolam with dots,which are suitable make your pooja delightful. format : straight dot:17-12 The second image is Ganesha in sitting position .This kolam is the Ganesha with an elephant. format : straight dot 18-18

Vinayagar kolam designs

Ganapathy kolam with dots | Vinayagar kolam designs

The first image is a beautiful vinayagar kolam, draw this kolam at pooja hall to get blessings form god ganesha. Format: Straight dots:16-20 The second image is vinayagar in standing position with flowers.Decorate your home with this beautiful vialuakar kolam to get good wealth and …

Lord ganesha kolam designs

Lord ganesha kolam designs | Vinayagar kolam with flowers

In this post we have shared few kolam designs of lord ganesha, that are suitable to draw in your home on festival days.  The first kolam is the lord ganesha is standing near vilakku. Format :straight dots 15-23 The second Kolam is lord ganesha in …

Agal vilakku kolam

Simple deepam kolam with vinayagar | Agal vilakku kolam

Lets see an Special Rangoli tied with Ganesha Deepam Kolam existing in 9*9  Neer pulli Kolam. A pooja Room fulfilled with Agal Villakku Kolam forming an square shaped design. Vinayagar exists in 20-20 dots holding its equipment such as umbrella and even rat can also …

Siva lingam kolam

Siva lingam kolam | Pooja kolam with dots

The first image is siva lingam kolam in rangoli pattern which is surrounded by the birds and deepam. It can be drawn on pradosham days to get blessings form lord sivan. format : straight dots 23-15 The second one is the beautiful bow and arrow …

Dotted peacock kolam

Peacock kolm with lotus | Dotted peacock kolam

This post contains a beautiful peacock kolam with louts flower and deepam. You can draw this kolam in front of your home on some special events. Format:Straight dots: 10-16

Sri krishna jayanthi kolam

Special occasion kolam | Lakshmi ganapathi pooja kolam

The favourable moment gets turned on when arises of  Sri Krishna Jayanthi kolam and Lakshmi ganapathi, you can made this kolam by placing 20 by 32 and 11 by 5 straight dots.And all the supporting weapons can be carry over inside the kolam. In this …

Rangoli peacock kolam design

Peacock kolam collection | Mayil kolam with dots

This article consist of couple of peacock kolam which are very easy to draw and colour to make your doorsteps pleasant.The first kolam is an attractive peacock kolam with pair of peacock surrounds the flower. Format:straight dots: 21-7,11-6,7-4 The second kolam is a beautiful peacock …