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Swan with Fish Kolam

Birds Design with Fish Kolam|Swan with Fish Kolam

Swan and Fish Kolam is an easy and simple one that can be drawn at front of house on morning or evening to welcome goddess Lakshmi to your home. Format: Straight dots: 18-6 The second image is a cute chicks with fish kolam where fish …

Bird kolam for beginner

Bird kolam for beginner | Crane with Fish kolam

A Kolam is a a geometric line drawing made up of rounded loopholes, drawn around a grid design of dots. The first kolam is a easy kolam for beginners and kids to practice with the rice powder at the doorstep. Format:Straight dots: 10-5-4 The Crane with …

Simple Birds kolam for beginners

Duck With Fish kolam | Parrot kolam | Simple Birds kolam for beginners

In this post we have shared couple of birds kolam that can be helpful for the beginners and kids. The Parrot kolam is an attractive one that can be useful for you to enhance your doorsteps. Format: Cross dots: 15-8 The second image is a cute …

Crow with flower kolam

Crow with flower kolam|Parrot with Grapes kolam

The Crow with flowers kolam is a beautiful one which can be drawn in front of house in month of margazhi to get traditional outlook. Format:Straight dots: 23-7 The Parrot with Grapes kolam is a simple one that has blossoms, surrounded by parrot on the …

birds kolam with dots

Duck with Fish Kolam| Lotus with Fish Kolam|Sparrow with Butterfly kolam

Sparrow with Butterfly Kolam is a beautiful one. You can make use of this kolam on some special events. Format:Cross dots:9-5 Duck with fish kolam is an attractive kolam that can make your day delightful.It can also be drawn on festival days to decorate your …

New year kolam with butterfly

New year kolam with butterfly | Amazing new year kolangal

This post contains a Beautiful Butterfly Kolam that can be drawn at your home to welcome a colorful new year. Format: straight dots 25-7 The second image is a simple and elegant kolam that makes new year celebration to the greatest success. Format: Straight dots 16-4

New year kolam with elephant

New year kolam design | New year kolam with elephant

In this post we have shared some Beautiful kolam designs for New Year.The first  image a New Year special kolam with an elephant and New Year wishes. Format: straight dots 19-6 The Final image is a simple kolam by which you can decorate your home …

New year kolam designs with dots

Simple new year kolam | Tamil Puthandu kolam with dots

Puthandu kolam designs arise with 18 to 14 Dots grid pattern. Neer pulli kolam consists of flowers on four sides holding new year wishes. Second pattern uses 28-10 dots grid placing peacock on both sides writes the wishes at the bottom of Tamil new year …

New year special kolam

Tamil puthandu kolam | Birds kolam with new year wishes

The Neer pulli kolam with 15 by 8 dots pattern template placed. Here an Tamil new year is the theme of the kolam design,so that they resembles an boutique flower gift to wish happy new year and may this festival new year brings an surprise,joyful …

Tamil new year special kolam

Tamil new year special kolam | Straight dots kolam

Tamil puthandu kolam is of ner pulli kolam with 22 by 6 dot pattern. The words Tamil New year wishes covered at the bottom and the butterfly flying at the four corners enriched in the square shape. We have shared few kolam in this post by …