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Mayil kolam with dots

Peacock Kolam Designs | Mayil Kolam With Dots

This article contains couple of Peacock kolam, by which you can decorate your home on some special occasion.The initial one is an attractive rangoli type kolam of peacock, consist of a flower at center bordered by tulasi madam and pair of peacocks. Format: straight dots …

Pongal festival kolam

Pongal festival kolam | Pongal special kolam

This article contains few lovely designs of  Pongal pot rangoli, that make your celebration delightful.It is a stunning pongal pot design, that consist of pongal pot, sugarcane and deepam bordered by sikku kolam. format: straight dots 19-19 It is an attractive floral design of pongal …

Fashionable Pongal pot kolam

Pongal rangoli design | Fashionable Pongal pot kolam

In this post we have couple of  Pongal special kolam which makes your pongal celebration enjoyable.The first image is a basic and fashionable Pongal pot kolam, where pongal pot is inside the blossom and bordered by sun rise format. Format: Cross dots  17-9 Second image …

Pongal paanai kolangal

Pongal paanai kolangal | Pongal Pulli kolam

In this article we have shared some Beautiful Kolam for Pongal festival to decorate your home and make the pongal celebration delightful.The first image is cute pongal paanai kolam. You can draw this kolam in front of your home to celebrate pongal. Format:straight dots 17-3 …

Pongal Festival kolams

Pongal Festival kolams | Pongal paanai kolam with dots

This page contains couple of kolam that could make your pongal festival celebration fascinating.The lovely pongal paanai kolam for pongal celebration. You can draw this at front of your residence on day of mattu pongal celebration. Format:Straight dots 22-6 The second image is pongal paanai …

Pongal pot with sugarcane kolam

Pongal Pot Kolam Designs | Pongal Pot with Sugarcane Kolam

This page has an attractive layout of Pongal pot that can make your pongal celebration enjoyable.The initial image is a simple and elegant pongal pot kolam, that can be utilized to enhance your pooja hall on an auspicious day of pongal. Format: straight dots 18-14 …

Pongal pot kolam designs

Pongal pot kolam designs | Kalasam Kolam

In this article there are few number of pongal pot kolam designs by which you can decorate your pooja room on pongal festival. It is a gorgeous kolam of pongal pot with sweet sugarcane and deepam. Formats:straight dots 21-7 It is an attractive kolam of …

Pongal special kolam

Pongal special kolam | Thai Pongal Paanai Kolam

Pongal is the main festival that is celebrated in Tamilnadu. It is celebrated as Harvesting Festival. The reason behind celebrating pongal is to give thanks for sun,Cow. You can make use of these kolam to celebrate pongal.  The first kolam a rangoli type kolam, that …

Pongal pot with sugarcanes kolam

Pongal Pot Kolam | Pongal pot with sugarcanes kolam

This post contains a beautiful rangoli design of pongal pot, that can make your pongal celebration pleasant.It is a classical design where a flower at center surrounded by pongal pot and sugarcane. Format: straight dots: 20-6    

Flower rangoli kolam

Rangoli Kolam Designs with Flowers | Flower Kolam Design

This blog post contains a couple Rangoli patterns.Hope you would like this. First image is a cute rangoli with a blossom at center surrounded with layers of flowers in a star shape. This one is a attractive rangoli kolam that contains layers of flowers and …