Kolam and Rangoli Designs

Best Collection of All kolams

Beautiful Design Dot Kolams

Lily Kolam

Lily Kolam Format : 15 dots ends at 1 – direct dots.

Lily Kolam using floral designs of  Beautiful Lily Flower Design with dots. You can also add different border designs here. Vilakku Kolam has Vilakku at the four sides and is is fully decorated with small flowers and simple designs.  Square Type Kolam has geometric shape called Square and it is easy to draw in your residence.

Square Kolam

Square Kolam Format: 21 dots ends at 1 – direct dots.

Vilakku Kolam


Vilakku Kolam Format: 19 dots – 3 rows, ends at 3.


A software engineer by profession,I Love Drawing kolam from my Younger age.My site is dedicated to all people of Kolam Lovers

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